Real Profit$™ Coaching Success Stories

We promise, if you do your part, you will complete at least one real estate transaction while enrolled in Personal Coaching.


Real Profit$™ Coaching students are real people from every walk of life—from all across America. Their success stories are real and backed by signed affidavits and financial documentation. In all cases, the Real Profit$™ in Real Estate program and the Coaching program have dramatically changed their lives. No student has been paid for sharing their story. We don't use our students' last names to protect their privacy.


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Why can't I do it? — Frank B., California

With coaching I had the complete package.

Get the course, study, sign up for coaching — Jorge P., Virginia

Coaching let us stand on somebody else's shoulders.

Think Big — Agueda B., New York

My Coach taught me to think BIG.

Manage my destiny — Bruce C., Utah

You’ve taught me how to manage my destiny.

Tools For Success — Mary B., Ohio

Coaching gave me the tools to become a successful real estate investor.


Showing 6 - 10 of 11 Success Stories | Page 2 of 3