Carleton's system works

Step by step the Sheets coaching program works. I am proof of the process.

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“When I think of the changes in my life as a result of Personal Coaching, I begin to sound like one of Carleton's commercials. The system works.

The first step was getting the basic course and listening to the tapes.

The next step, which made sense for me, was the Personal Coaching program.

More than anything else in the system, the self-directed goals reinforced by the Coaching Staff propelled me forward.

The weekly sessions gave me confidence. The materials gave me the resources. Then I just applied what I had learned.

When it came time to writing offers the Resource Line was outstanding.

It still amazes me that my first deal was a commercial apartment building acquired with a commercial loan and a seller-held second mortgage (other people's money).

The second property, a duplex, involved the seller "quitclaiming" his property to me. Closing within sixty days prevented a "due on sale" clause from the seller's mortgage company so I could assume the loan.

It's amazing to me that I meet people who say Carleton's course doesn't work. Or others who say they tried it and it didn't work. I just look at them and shake my head. It works. I am proof of the process.”

— Thomas W., Michigan